Toasting to 45 Years and a Future of Amazing Changes

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Toasting to 45 years and the future

It has been a while!  Life threw me some definite curve balls the past few months, and I have had to take quite a few steps back, regroup, and plan for the future.  This week I met a milestone, celebrating my 45th birthday!  My family took me to dinner this weekend and to an awesome vineyard–12 Spies Vineyard–in the north Georgia mountains.

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Toasting to 45 Years and a Future of Changes

If you are ever in the area, try out the 12 Spies Vineyard.  Their Muscadine Wine is absolutely amazing! Add a cheese tray and the beautiful mountain scenery on the veranda, and you have a relaxing, tranquil afternoon!


The past few months have given me much to ponder.  Challenge has been the theme.  Loss of a job and work family, amazing new job full of awesome opportunities and a new work family, death of my stepfather, birth of my second grandbaby, my mother’s depression and illnesses after losing her second husband, my son’s wrestling injury (first injury ever), my son totaling his first car (no injuries there, praise the Lord), my college daughter’s return home for summer, running a concession stand every evening after work, planning summer vacation, college prep for my son, and the list goes on.  I have barely had time to breathe!

In the midst of all of this, my health has declined.  A couple of weeks ago I spent a week with my mom, trying to nurse her back to good health.  Now, I have known that I have gained some weight.  So, when I saw the scales in Mama’s kitchen, I just had to jump on them.  They must be broken!  For sure!  194 pounds….There is no way in this universe.  I stepped off the scales, and then I stepped back on them. Same results.  My stomach had begun to feel crammed up into my chest almost, a rather weird feeling.  I was not well.  Broken scale or not.  I had to make some changes…and pronto!

Thursday of that week, I went to the YMCA near my new job and signed up for a membership.  I began my workout the next afternoon.  Right before the workout, I weighed in on the gym scales.  Well, dang!  194 pounds AGAIN!  They are broken by the same amount as Mama’s scales.  NOT!  My butt has gotten fat as heck!  That is the only way to put it!  I never even weighed that much during a full term pregnancy!  How embarrassing!

All of this together pushed me to not only exercise but to diet as well.  My goal?  To shed 50 pounds and greatly improve my health.  My husband is joining me on this journey.  Although this has been my birthday week, and I have cheated just a little, I have dropped a few pounds already.

How am I doing this?  I drink a fresh fruit smoothie as breakfast every morning.  I do indulge in a cup of coffee as well.  All I have until lunch is water with lime or lemon.  For lunch, I alternate.  One day I juice, and the next day I eat a meal, but nothing fried and no grains.  On the days that I juice for lunch, I eat a regular meal for dinner, but only grilled items.

This week, we will shake the routine up a little:

  • Breakfast–Smoothie
  • Lunch–Salad or other healthy meal
  • Dinner–Juice or Smoothie, primarily green smoothies or juices

In this way, both my husband and I are on the diet and on the journey to better health for our entire family.  My health, although this has only been one week, has begun to get better.  My body can definitely tell the difference.

I have spent the past few years thinking that I had to do everything and could not take time for myself.  That is now catching up with me, and it is time, at 45, for a change!  My grandsons, my children, and my husband need me to be healthy!

Join me on this new journey into losing this weight in a healthy way, while still caring for my family.  A good mother also takes care of herself!

Here is a before picture taken just yesterday at the 12 Spies Vineyard, during my birthday celebration.

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Before picture


Of course, I am the one on the right!  If only I was my daughter’s size!  Let’s start this journey!  Anyone else want to join, please come along!

All the best,


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