Focus on Mom’s Beauty

My last post was about not pulling your hair out senior year. That post was in October! Whew! I am totally behind. However, I have been ensuring I am present every moment possible with my senior son.

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Focus on Mom’s Beauty
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We have already had senior night. Get this, it was the day after my oldest son, grandsons, and daughter-in-law returned to New Hampshire, and my daughter returned to SCAD Savannah. Basically, my heart was torn 3 times in 24 hours. My kids are my life!

This school year has been rough on us, with so many difficult things happening within our family. Financially, I knew I HAD to do something to get ahead. My boss’s wife had tried months previously to get me to be a consultant for a skin care company–Rodan and Fields. Well…for years, I have focused on my kids and ensuring they are secure in their futures, totally placing my looks and all on the backburner. I gained weight, wrinkles, age spots….You name it! I rarely looked in the mirror, and when I did I was shocked.


Well, Patricia, my sponsor, finally convinced me to make a new start for 2018 and become a consultant. I believed in the products because my daughter uses Unblemish for her acne and has had amazing results! However, I did not try to sell the product until I received my eye cream and Bright Eyes Complex. Holy cow! I began to FEEL the difference in my eyes. My bags began tightening up! In just a short time, I went from a very tired looking woman to a bright-eyed and bushy tailed woman! And while I have a way to go, I am so proud to look in the mirror now! I don’t shy away from it, rather I gravitate toward it. Check out my personal results as of last weekend!

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Eye Cream and Bright Eyes Complex

Moms, it is essential to focus on your kids. But, PLEASE, do not just let yourself go. If you have, no worries! I have you covered. Just message me below, and I will help you come back to life as I have. You may also visit my website to view the many different items available through R+F. Just know that the prices you see are not your price but rather retail prices. Truly affordable stuff!

If you desire to make some side money, message me below, or explore your options on my business website .

Moms, you are a mom, and an awesome one at that! Don’t lose sight of your beauty. Take some time for yourself, without taking tons of time away from your kids. Your kids will love seeing your balance in your life.

Until next time! (Which should be MUCH quicker!!!!)

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